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Pimp my changing table

For the first couple of months of his life we changed our little one on a changing pad on the kitchen island. The result was that half of the island was constantly taken in...


The cabinet besides the kitchen

Last fall we were trying to finish up our living – dining – kitchen space. One of these problem areas was that open space along the wall, between the chimney for our fireplace and...


… And lighting!

Greased lightning! We’re keeping in the electric theme. Pendant lights are going up, but before that, I still needed to add a finishing touch to the ceiling. Ceiling medallions Long ago we’d already decided...



Okay, first the easy part… Outlets all over the world Most part of the world knows and has access to electricity (more or less). Not all electricity is equal though. Mostly due to historical...


New life for the radiators

I have a confession to make: this post happened in two different episodes. There’s one that happened in between the floor and the fireplace installation and one that happened after the wallpaper. It seems...


Paper! To… The… Wall!

When taking down the old wallpaper (combined with all the cursing as it was stuck to the walls with what seemed like some magical super glue equivalent), we noticed the old plaster was still...


Walls, one more time

Shortly before the floor renovating guys came, we took off the two radiators underneath the windows street-side. That way we could finally and boldly go where no man had gone before (at least not...


Our fireplace

After all the research from last week’s roundup, we knew what we wanted in our fireplace. We found a contractor worthy of our trust, went over all the details of what we did or...


Cleaning your floor the right way

cleaning floor featured

Cleaning. Everybody has to do it. Unless you hire it out. Or if you’re a caveman. But then you’d probably not be reading this anyway. Now that we had a finished floor all over...


Travertine floor revival

living room floor featured

We have an old (well, somewhere between 40 to 50 year I guess, but your guess is as good as mine) travertine floor in our living room. It was one of those things of...