Pimp my changing table

For the first couple of months of his life we changed our little one on a changing pad on the kitchen island. The result was that half of the island was constantly taken in by that pad, some clean diapers, and some other changing accessories.

Since we wanted to make an effort to keep our living spaces neat and tidy, this couldn’t go on this way. Enter the Sniglar, a basic changing table by Ikea (no, I don’t get any compensation for this from them). It doesn’t break the bank, and we had just the right size of corner we could park it in for it to be out of our way.

Unfortunately our boy is of the restless kind. Sometimes he doesn’t like to be changed (or lied down at all), so he’ll start crying and stomping. He always ends up bumping his head against the upper edge of the table, which results in even more crying and stomping and a totally distressed baby. Naturally I took upon myself the quest to improve the Sniglar.

Pretty soon I had a rough idea in my head: I’d use piping insulation you can buy at your local hardware store to clip around the edges. For a little over 2 euro I had 4 pieces of 1 meter length each, which was more than enough to finish the project.

Sniglar with tubing

Back home I used a simple snap off knife to first cut the pieces to length. I then trimmed of some small pieces so the fit would be more snug. The end result? A Sniglar that has protective edges all around. An improved Sniglar.

Sniglar with tubing

Unfortunately our boy is of the restless kind. Every chance he gets, he pulls of the insulation and starts playing with it…