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Fill up that bathroom!

Last one in the bathroom series (at least for now), how to stuff an empty room with cupboards and all other kind of junk, courtesy of the woman (or women, in that case I...


A ceiling and some lights

Facebook ceiling

The final step before the furniture: putting the ceiling up and in the process installing the lights in said ceiling now that the electrics are in place. Get ready for an overload in pictures!


Electricity, and a fan

Facebook electricity

“I want some, some energy, the ultimate discovery, electric blue for me, never more to be free, electricity”. Yeah, electricity, my favorite DIY subject!


Tiles: the saga continues

Tiling saga continues featured

“We are on a roll”. Or so we thought. Or not, actually, if you read the floor tiling post, that ended with a grout misery. But other than that, we were on a roll.


Put them tiles on the floor

Featured bathroom floor

“Everybody on the floor, everybody on the floor, on the floo-oor”, if you were a teen in the nineties you might remember this song by Tokyo Ghetto Pussy (I kid you not, some pretty...


Enter the bathtub

When thinking about an intro for this post, nothing came to mind. So you’re going to write about our bathtub, and how it got in place? Great. How do you get people excited to...


Bathroom planning

Because you can’t just throw a tub, a shower, a toilet and some sinks in a room and expect it to be your bathroom, we had to put our grey matter at work before...


Bathroom trashing (part 2)

Last time we left off from our bathroom removal process with a bathroom that was empty, no longer cluttered with anything in it like a sink or a tub, or even cabinets. Before we...


Bathroom trashing (part 1)

First thing we tackled, aside from the wallpaper, was the bathroom. I could let Chrisje work the wallpaper together with her parents (to which I owe thanks, as the method we used to get...