Facebook ceiling

A ceiling and some lights

The final step before the furniture: putting the ceiling up and in the process installing the lights in said ceiling now that the electrics are in place. Get ready for an overload in pictures!

The shelves we chose have a tongue and groove system, so we started on a right side, grooves pointing to the left and the room. Against the wall we used screws to keep things in place, later on they will be covered by crown.

Bathroom ceiling first shelf

First row is the hardest, any errors you make here will continue over the complete ceiling, so we took our time to get this one right:

Bathroom ceiling first row

Once the first two rows were nailed in, the fan could be fitted. Three screws and three wire connections later you can see it sitting over here:

Bathroom ceiling fan

A little while later the first row of downlights came along. Here you can also see a little trickery I had to do: I started in the corner above the shower, as said above. This meant that the ceiling above the toilet posed a little problem, as the wall hiding the toilet is a fake one (remember installing that toilet?). So when the first shelf beyond that dividing wall came into place I had to do some backtracking: carefully taking notes how wide each shelf is, so I could measure the width needed for my starting shelf. This worked out very well, if I say so myself:

Bathroom ceiling lights

Bravely I nailed on. We chose to use stainless steel nails (so they won’t rust, it’s a bathroom after all) and to hammer them in by hand, opposed to using some kind of powered device. The shelves are some kind of cardboard, and I feared that would be too powerful, shooting the nails straight through the shelf. By hand I could control this better, just make sure the heads don’t stick out or you won’t be able to get the next shelf in properly. For this I used a nail punch:

Bathroom ceiling nail punch

And then we’re finished, boy oh boy:

Bathroom ceiling finished

Added bonus: how does it look by night, when the lighting shows really nice:

Bathroom ceiling night view 1

Bathroom ceiling night view 2

Now it’s time to start filling up that space!