Bathroom planning

Because you can’t just throw a tub, a shower, a toilet and some sinks in a room and expect it to be your bathroom, we had to put our grey matter at work before we could start working on creating that beautiful bathroom we were both dreaming about. As I heard on a certain show about cars on tv once (we all have our flaws), always think about the six P’s:

Proper planning prevents piss poor performance.

Are you ready to dive in?

The Challenge

What we have is a room of 3.5 meter by 2.7 meter (or 11.5 ft by just shy of 9 ft for those imperialists out there ;)). It has a door in the corner on the long side, and a window on one short side, about x meter high (or x ft). There’s a little corner out because of the chimney going through, for the centrail heating system that’s located in the room below.

What we want to fit into that room: a nice bathtub for the lady of the house, a roomy shower for the lord of the house, double sink (one for each), and toilet. Very nice to have would be some kind of duct going down, to drop our dirty laundry in (as the washing machine will be placed in the room below). Also a radiator and some cabinets would be very thoughtful 🙂

The Process

The space given isn’t huge, but it certainly doesn’t fit the “we have a (really) small bathroom” definition either. The biggest issue is the door in the corner, this always puts some kind of constraint on what you can do if you compare to a door that’s located more inbetween two corners. We came up with a few different plans (because I reeeeaaally wanted to try to squeeze in a walk-in shower), but none of them were 100% to our likes.

That is, until iteration number 4 or 5, when we came up with the following plan:

Bathroom plan

Nice bathtub? Check (1.8m by 0.8m, large enough to hold both of us when needed, and definitely great for one person). Roomy shower? Check again (1.2m by 0.9m, large enough to be able to take a shower simultaneously if we want to, or to get lost in if you shower alone). Double sink? Present as well. Toilet? Even a little bit separated from all the rest, for those privacy issues 🙂 (or at least hygiene and stuff, you know what I mean). Added bonus? Yes please, room for a duct between shower and bath, room for a cabinet next to our sink (besides the drawers underneath the sink and the mirror cabinets above it), and the radiator in place as well (should be between door and toilet, but I didn’t find one in the planner).

That’s pretty much the plan it turned out to be, as you’ll see when we start our series about the construction in the bathroom, some tweaking still had to be done. But the exact details will remain a secret until then 🙂

Added bonus: 2 3D shots of our to-be bathroom:

Bathroom planning 3D 2

Bathroom planning 3D 1


What do you think of our plan? What would you have done differently, given the space and the requirements? Or which requirements would you have, and how would you fit them in? Let us know in the comments!