Fill up that bathroom!

Last one in the bathroom series (at least for now), how to stuff an empty room with cupboards and all other kind of junk, courtesy of the woman (or women, in that case I really feel for you) in house.

Let’s start with…

The shower screen

For some reason these two words always make me nod my head humming “Silver screen (shower scene)” by Felix da Housecat:

Back on topic now, the shower screen and doors were the first to be installed. Hanging anything on a tiled wall requires a few things though…

You’ll need a drill, obviously. Forget about setting that drill to hammering, or you’ll most likely end up with a cracked tile. You’ll need your stamina for this.

Now that you have your drill set up properly, it’s time to look at the drill bit. Again, forget about regular stone/concrete drill bits, as they won’t even cut into your tile, causing only heat (which we don’t want when drilling, never ever. Period). You have two options, and we’ve tried them both.

The glass drill bit

These come in two options: rounded spear-like or straight spear like. I think I averaged around two holes on one drill bit, which says enough (yes, it says I can’t work with these). So after using up a couple of these (yes, I’m stubborn), I switched over to…

The hole saw drill bit

A diamond tipped hole saw bit, to be used with lots of water (as opposed to the previous one). This went way faster and way better than I expected. Just add water, lots of it, and you’ll get through a tile in no time.

After the holes I put a plug in the wall, a little dot of caulk, then the screen holder and then the screws went in. I kept an eye out for everything to be level, and *BAM* the screen was set up. Well, at least after the upper support was fixed.

Then came the doors. We have double doors, so for one door it’s just wash-rinse-repeat of the previous steps. The other door clamps onto the screen, and presto, the doors are finished.

Shower screen

After the doors, I still needed to hang some things in the shower, like a little rack for shower gel and shampoo.

All the cupboards

After the shower screen and doors, it’s time to hang all the cupboards. The tall ones and the mirror ones are IKEA, the sink cabinets are X2O. Both are in need of holes and holes and even more holes, so I spent I-don’t-know-how-many hours in the bathroom, drilling holes.

Once all the cupboards were hung, it was time to install the sinks and faucets, yay!

And last but not least, the lights above the mirror, one for me and one for Chrisje. The finishing touch, before the bathroom was ready to be used!

Sink cupboard

Have you ever drilled in tiles? What’s your experience in it? Share the wisdom in the comments below!