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Living room, wallpaperless edition

living without wallpaper featured

The final nail in the coffin of what used to be our living room: getting rid of the old wallpaper. Now this wallpaper had all the looks of being a more feisty opponent than what we had...


Ceiling removal in the living room

living ceiling gone featured

The fireplace wasn’t the only thing we wanted gone in our future living room. No, no, no. There was also the old ceiling, exactly the same as we used to have in our kitchen. And what went out there...


Fireplace and chimney, be gone!

fireplace chimney gone featured

With the kitchen done, what’s the next logical step, the next logical room to tackle? Well, in our minds that was the living and dining room. As it’s practically one open space, we’re going...


Rippin’ out some more ceiling

If you’re an attentive reader (and I assume you are), you must have noticed that I skipped a part between taking down the wooden ceiling in our former kitchen and installing the insulation. You...


Cleaning out the attic

Cleaning out attic featured

The attic. Once filled with a lot of rubbish. Then cleaned out and filled again. Our rubbish this time. And now it was time to clean it out for good. Completely.


And ends in the kitchen!

Demolition ends kitchen

Yes, it ends where it all began: the kitchen. At least the current demolition part ends here. But I guess you figured that out already, didn’t you? In the previous post you could read...


The demolition continues…

Demolition continues

Bad luck if you’d guessed we would continue the draining works now. No no no no no (and once more, no), we weren’t ready yet to create drains all the way. First, some more...


Floor? What floor?

Floor what floor featured

Now that we emptied a few rooms, it’s time to really start diggin’. Diggin’ deep that is. Let’s just dive in, shall we? Depending on how serious your renovation is, at some point you’ll...