Drains, drains and plumbing everywhere

Now that we know how we want our future bathroom to look like, it’s time to start building up things. First thing we need, before we can start doing anything, is to do a little thinking about what we want to do with the room above though…

On the second floor we have this “ginormeous” space which in the future will become the children’s wonderland (bedrooms, bathroom and space to play with their toys if they want to). We want to give them their own bathroom, with a sink and a shower, so that they can have their privacy if and when needed (yeah, just thinking ahead). Most logical thing was to put that bathroom on top of our to-be bathroom, but this meant that all drains and plumbing also had to be prepared as well…

First we started by putting the drains in place on the ground floor. This meant digging, joy! This also meant no-more-complete-floor-in-the-entryway-until-we-tackle-that, bummer. We took the opportunity to provide ducts for the gas, water and phone connections (yes, our house didn’t have a connection to the drink water system, and heating was on oil instead):

Drains outdoor

Water on the left, gas on the right:


The general drain pipe we put in the ground was a regular 125 mm pipe, up to the place where it splits up for upstairs, garden and kitchen. That’s also the place it goes up for the upper floors in a 110 mm pipe:

Drains indoor

A little hint for those working with those pipes as well: the rubber seal might prove a pain-in-the-*ss if you try to slide the next tube in. This goes a lot easier if you prep the rubber first to make it a little slippery, for instance we used detergent.

All drains for the bath, shower and sinks are first collected together before connecting to this pipe. That way, there’s a maximum in separation indoor between toilet water and regular waste water. No pictures were taken when placing them though 🙁

With all the drains in place, the next step was the actual plumbing. We used alupex tubing, which is the standard nowadays (contrary to copper piping, with all different kind of connections required). Laying the pipes couldn’t be much easier, so I’m just going to let the photo’s speak for themselves.

Plumbing ground floor 1

Plumbing ground floor 2

Plumbing game 1




For those up for a little game: the first person to correctly identify each picture above as to what will be placed there gets an honourable mention on the next post. I’ll even give you a hint to start: the first two pictures are taken in the storage room, so they don’t count!

Now that the plumbing and drains had been done, we took another step towards a finished bathroom. Anyone up for some plumbing now?