… And lighting!

Greased lightning! We’re keeping in the electric theme. Pendant lights are going up, but before that, I still needed to add a finishing touch to the ceiling. Ceiling medallions Long ago we’d already decided that our ceilings needed medallions where the pendants were coming, in line with the spirit of the house. Since our crown …

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Okay, first the easy part… Outlets all over the world Most part of the world knows and has access to electricity (more or less). Not all electricity is equal though. Mostly due to historical reasons some parts of the world work on 110 Volt, others on 220 Volt. All electricity coming out of an outlet …

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living room electricity featured

Electricity in the living room!

Aah, the first step to a useful living room: create more dust and mayhem! Why? Because it’s fun! And because all those nifty comfortable things we’ve gotten used to so badly don’t work for themselves: they need electricity. But we don’t want that to be visible, do we?

Laying electric cables featured

More laying out: electric cables

With the water tubing in place, I rolled out quite a lot of electrical cabling (those of you that already noticed in the photos, well done!). As with the water this required some planning beforehand, as we were trying to find out what we wanted to go where. But we managed, and how!