First floor electricity

Remember the very last line of the ceiling demolition? The one where I claimed I was done eating dust? Turns out I was wrong. Oh so wrong.

I forgot we still had to talk about the new electric wiring and all that accompanies that. As we have a full on brick only type of house, as before there is only one real option to renew the wiring (at least for the wall part): slits in the wall (like we did in the living room, the kitchen and the bathroom before). Cutting up bricks produces dust. Lots of dust. The amount of dust it produces, it’s huge!

With the slits done I first installed the electrical boxes in the walls, meant to house switches, outlets, network and so on and so forth. For this I used the tried and tested method of putting a blob of plaster in the pocket in the wall, then pushing the box in the plaster. Then I just needed to double check my measurements, so that every box was at the exact height and width where it was supposed to be.

We still had to get the wires from the electric panel to where it was needed. For the switches, lighting and rolling shutters that was easy: just work along the ceiling, to be hidden by drywall in the near future.

For the outlets I opted to lay it out on the floor. I started with the cables roaming freely across the floor, to cut them to measure and have an indication where they would run.

We knew we’d lay a new laminate floor eventually, so there was nothing holding us back from popping a few tiles out to make room for the wires. So we did just that.

The old tiling was done on a layer of sabulous clay on concrete, without any space between the tiles. As such it wasn’t just a matter of popping out tiles as we’d hoped: I needed to use my hammer drill to chisel away at the old tiles, creating throughs to lay the wiring in.

Once that was done I fastened the cables to the concrete deck with pieces of metal strip. Then it was just a matter of filling the voids back up with cement stabilized sand. I’ll just let the pictures do the talking.

FF Electrics 5

FF Electrics 1

FF Electrics 2

FF Electrics 3

FF Electrics 4

The floor was flat again (well, more or less), and the electric wiring had received an update.