Window guy returns (part 1)!

It seems like ages ago that we had our windows replaced by new ones. The photos learn me that all of that fun happened summer of 2013, July to be exact. While the windows themselves had been replaced, nothing had been finished: on the interior all rolling shutters still needed to be finished (if working at all), some windows still needed their casing, our front and back door still needed to be installed, on the outside everything still needed to be caulked, and so on and so forth…

After October of 2013 (when he returned for half a day for some minor stuff) we hadn’t heard back from him. No answer when we called, no replies to mails, nada. Until we sent a registered letter shortly before summer this year. He reappeared then, apologized and we set up a meeting to get a schedule together. He would come by end of August and beginning of September, for a total of two weeks, to finish the job.

He kept his word. At the end of the first week, most of the casings had been installed. At the end of week two, all outer caulk had been applied, the old doors removed…

Old front door gone

… and we had a new front and back door:

New front door installed

The white panel is temporary, in its definitive form it’ll have the same glass as the panels around it.

I wish I could end the windows news now. Unfortunately not everything is finished yet:

  • The front door still needs its casing on the inside. It also needs a finish on the outside, as the old door protruded more.
  • The back door also still needs its casing. Furthermore it also still needs its rolling shutter to be installed completely.
  • None of the small bay windows’ rolling shutters work yet.
  • All seams on the inside still need to be caulked.
  • The front exterior sills still need an aluminum top piece, as do the beams above the windows.
  • We’re still awaiting our insets to keep insects out (how’s that called in proper English?) The ones that were delivered were too thick, so we couldn’t let the shutters down…
  • We’re also still awaiting that same thing for our window door in the kitchen. Turns out that a regular solution won’t fit as the window we have doesn’t have the necessary options, so we’ll have to accept something else. Luckily our window has enough width for that solution to fit. It also turned out now that this wasn’t included in the quote we got, while we’ve been asking for that from the very beginning
  • That white panel in the front door still needs to be replaced. He also still has to install the door knob on the front door.
  • The three doors we have should get the same lock combo, so we can use the keys interchangeably. I also want the locks to be usable without keys on the inside, but with some kind of knob instead of a lock. You just turn that knob to lock, instead of inserting a key and turning it.

I foresee troubles in the future…