Window placement featured

… and window replacement

Last week we laid out how we got to our choice of windows. This week it’s a load of photos on how they were replaced.

Before I start, let me tell you a little something. Windows aren’t just windows. You need a load of other stuff to get them in place as well:

Inside idk

It all started on the second floor, as they were working their way down. Windows were replaced one or two at a time, which looked something like this at the back:

Back facade half

With the old window out first the new frame was put in place:

Back facade door

Bathroom window

And with the frame in place the casements could be put in:

Window stairs inside

In the front it’s a very similar story. Frame first…

Front facade half

… and casements after…

Front first done

Then we hit the ground. At least ground floor.

The windows here don’t open, so it’s really only a matter of old one out…

Front facade ground

… and new one in…

Front ground done

End result for the bay windows:

Front done

In the end we had 17 windows replaced, and traded a window with a door right next to it for a sliding glass door. In total it’s over 50m² of glass, so there should be a significant difference in heating time and costs.