Roof guy week 3-4 featured

Roof guy: week 3 & 4

Week three brings us the very first week roof guy actually showed up on Monday morning. We could now hope that maybe, just maybe, they could finish the sandwich panels by the end of the week. And if that happened, then there was an ever so slight chance of getting it all done by the end of the next week. That would have meant they had only taken one week more than his prediction, which isn’t too bad.

Now let’s find out what actually happened…

Week 3

They started at the back, clearing the upper half of it now. This did allow for some spectacular sights.

Roof back open 1

Roof back open 2

Then they placed the panels on there.

Roof back panel 1

Roof back panel all

Let’s make a little bet now. What day of the week did I take the above picture?

Are you sure?

Is that your final answer?

The correct answer is…


It took them the week to take down the wooden structure for the upper half of the backside of the roof, and placing the panels.

I didn’t even bother anymore to ask about Saturday.

Week 4

Week 4 started with us a little worried if they’d even manage to finish the panels that week, let alone finish the whole thing. There was just so much more to be done that finishing just wasn’t an option anymore. Besides, we hadn’t even seen a single tile yet, despite having had to pay for them 4 weeks before…

Long story short, week 4 brought us our part of the panels in place, but not those of our neighbour…

Roof guy end week 4

They even had to hurry to get it covered before the weekend!


By now we had far realised roof guy wasn’t the type of person¬†he claimed to be during our first contacts, at least not regarding planning and work drive. Unfortunately we were tied to him legally, so we could only hope for the best (and expect the worst…).