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Roof guy: his work (part one)

Because preparations aren’t really work. Because it’s only work when there are permanent changes. Because the scaffolding and the crane are only tools to get the job done. That’s why this post is the first one about roof guy actually working.

Our roof has three chimneys. If you’ve paid attention in the past, I’m not telling you anything new. There’s one for the central heating. There’s one for the fireplace that will be annihilated¬†one day (the fireplace, that is). And there’s one that’s not even functional any longer, as on the two floors below the chimney has already been removed in the Dark Ages.

With the current advances in piping, we felt that we didn’t really need those any longer. After a chat with our neighbor (who was friendly enough to agree to have his roof redone as well), we both decided all chimneys had to go, and instead we’d both have tube chimneys whenever needed.

And so, the very first work done by roof guy was demolishing these three chimneys.

In the morning we were looking at this:

Roof guy chimneys

And by the evening it had changed into this:

Roof guy chimney gone

Pretty neat, and ready for the next part.