Roof guy preparations

Roof guy: his preparations

This will be the first post in a series about roof guy. Some will be short (like this one), others will be long (like the ending post). Please make sure you read all of them once they’re posted to get a clear picture.

With the attic empty, it was time for the roof guy to start working. Before he could start he had some preparations to do as well…

The front

I estimate the distance to our gutter around 7 to 8 meter. Each floor is 3 meter between floor and ceiling. The gutter is about 0.7 meter above floor on the second floor. Take another 0.4 meter between floors and you’ll end up in that region. No person in his right mind wants to work on such heights without a scaffolding, especially not on such a steep roof as ours.

Front scaffolding

After the scaffolding came the crane, to get everything they need up there. It’s quite impressive to see the thing go up.

Front crane 1

Front crane 2

Front crane 3

Front crane 4

The back

Here as well scaffolding was put up, for ease of working.

Back scaffolding

It took a whole day to get everything set up, but now they were ready to get started.