Remember roof guy

Remember roof guy?

Do you?

You know, that guy that didn’t show up for two months after setting up shop? Only to take four weeks before our attic no longer was any subject to weather? While he claimed it wouldn’t take much more than three weeks to have it completely finished?

That guy we found out to be rather less than more present? That guy we found to be more selfish than committed?

That guy.

Guess what? He’s baa-aack. Again. With yet another pair of helping hands. Again. And some more excuses. Again.

First they finished the sandwich panels on the neighbours’ roof. Quite obvious.

Then they tackled the little flat roof on top of the bay windows. Insulation and a new layer of EPDM rubber on top of it, together with new zinc on top of the walls and gutters.

After that they finally hung back a gutter at the back. No more rain pouring over the wall with all of its consequences whenever the gods decided to unleash a new load of precipitation our way.

Finally they started tiling. We chose a different tile in front than the back, but both are flat tiles, and both are an orange-red kind of shade, with a hint of brown in it. In the front we chose Wienerberger Actua 10 LT “Clouded”, and in the back Wienerberger Datura “Rustic”. The back tiles are larger than the front ones, which we felt would look nice. As the roof surface is a lot bigger for the back than the front, a tile too small would have shown a pattern that’s probably too crowded.

We also saw a roof window appear in the back of our neighbours’ roof, and in the front of our own roof. Then he stalled. Again.

To be continued…