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I hate ads.

There. I’ve said it. I’m probably not alone.

In fact, I’m so keen on not seeing them, that one of the first things I do whenever someone drops a pc in my hands is to install an ad blocker. Most of the times they’re really intrusive and obnoxious anyway.

And now I have my own site. I’m at the other end of the table. It’s a time and money suck, let me tell you that. Maybe I could do something about the latter, I thought.

For some time I put up an Adsense banner. Then I took it down, because it just didn’t feel right. Nor did it look right either.

So I’ve decided to remove any and all promo material. I have one question for you though: if you really, really, really like what you’re reading here, please help us out . But only if you really, really, really like it. If not, no hard feelings. You can simply go back to the blog and keep reading about whatever you like.

A little dramatic silence later…

Since you’re still reading, I guess you’re wondering how you can help. Thank you for being a die-hard! If you haven’t done so, join our news letter. You’ll get a mail once (maybe twice, maybe less) a week, when a new post is up or if I come across something I believe you really need to know:

If you’ve read something here that you like, please share it! Do it on Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, or just plain and simple via email. Just getting the word out and helping us grow would be great!

If you’re in the market for new stuff and you really, really, really want to do so, you can use one of the Amazon links below:

Or if you’re living in Belgium or The Netherlands,

Yes, those are affiliate links. If you’re unfamiliar with the principle, this is how it works: if you go to Amazon or Bol through either one of those links, and end up purchasing something, they send a small amount our way. However, this doesn’t cost you a cent (or a penny) more!

One other word about affiliate links. Every now and then there’s one or more in a post. You can assume that if you click a link and you end up in a shop, be it Amazon or Bol, you clicked an affiliate link. I have gone through the site to make sure that any affiliate link is to something I personally own and have used, so that I can vouch for it. However, if you don’t want any of this, assume any and all links to a specific tool or store as affiliate links.

You can now safely ignore this page and never even have to wonder about it any longer!

Whatever you decide to do, thank you!