In our neverending search on how to improve our home, our lives and everything we come across many things, some interesting and others not so much… On this page we’re going to compile a list of all these things, small or big, that have been helpfull one way or another, or that we believe might be an interesting idea.

Disclaimer: some links, though certainly not all, are affiliate links. I will mention it for every link that is one. For those of you that aren’t familiar with that terminology, it basically means that if you click on that link and then decide to buy whatever product it linked to, we get a certain fee. Importantly, this all happens at no extra cost for you. If you don’t want this, that’s all fine, don’t click that link, no hard feelings :).

Okay, here we go!

Building & general information

  • first link and it’s already one for dutch speaking people only. Sorry guys, but this one just had to be on the list. Massive forum on everything building related in Belgium.

Online shopping

After getting all the ideas from the links above, it’s time to get some work done! And for that you’ll need some tools & materials, which you can find at the shops below. These are affiliate links, unless the shop in question has no affiliate program in place.

  • the granddaddy of internet shopping, need I say more? I’ve bought dozens of things from them, though I shop at as the .com doesn’t really likes shipping to Europe 🙂 they have never disappointed me so far.

The internet

For those of you that want to get their feet wet and build their own website.

  • the software this site runs on. It’s free, has a huge userbase, highly customizable, basically one of the easiest ways to get your site up and running in minutes.
  • the registrar I’ve used so far for all my domain registration needs. Reasonable in price, and ready to help if you need it (our .be domain took some time to actually get registered, I got on the chat with support easily, turns out phone verification was needed, 15 minutes later everything was a-ok). If you decide to use their services, and feel like it, you can mention our referal code 707a6ME06E62C if you want. That way we get a little credit for our domain renewal.