On being a plumber

On being a plumber

Yes! Finally! The much-anticipated plumbing post!

Before digging any deeper, we had to come up with a plan. A plan on how we wanted to use all our to-be-floored-again rooms. So we needed…

A list.

The list

The kitchen

Where would you like your sink again?

Where’s that dishwasher going to fit?

You want a kitchen island? Better get plumbing underneath as well, now that we have the possibility…

Those are just some of our thoughts on the kitchen. I agree, for plumbing those also are the only ones that matter. I hope.

The storage room

Hmm, that boiler needs a drain for its condensate.

Where were we planning on having that washing machine?

Oh yeah, having a sink here for outdoor purposes seems like a great idea.

Like in the kitchen, some appliances just need to be able to get rid of their water.

The entryway

Wouldn’t you looooooove an indoor toilet?

And wouldn’t it be great if said toilet would have a little sink, for washing your hands when you’re done?

Yes, our house didn’t have an indoor, ground floor toilet. We had one in the side building (which we couldn’t use any longer due to not being connected to the sewer anymore), and one in the bathroom. Times will change however!

With the list done, it was now time for…

The plan

Take an empty paper.

Now draw some rectangles on it.

Then some lines.

If you have given that a little thought, combined with the list from above, you end up with something like this:

Plumbing plans

The execution

The big moment. I have it all planned. I went to the store, and got what I needed.

First I wasn’t happy with how the current drain for the bathroom toilet was coming down. So I told Chrisje the toilet wasn’t to be used, while I changed that.

Measure drain

Connect drain

Checking if everything has a little slope is essential.

Level drain 1

Level drain 2

Once that was done, the smaller drains could be placed. You know, the ones for the washing machine, the kitchen, the little toilet sink.

And then it hit me. The rain drain.

The old rain drain was some kind of cement drain. I’m not quite sure if it actually needed replacement, but I wasn’t going to take any risk. Replace it, I must!

First I figured I could maybe slide the new tubes inside the old one, as it was large enough to fit. After sliding one in, it got stuck. Exit plan “slide them in”, enter spade and sledgehammer.

After digging up the old drain, breaking it with the sledgehammer and removing all debris, I could lay down the new tubes.

Rain drain indoor

With the rain drain now done, all that was left was filling that gap up again, and connecting the main drain to the outside wall, so that I could connect to it later on.

And with that, ladies and gentlemen, we are at the end of our dirt adventures. Not a second too early too. Anyone who went through the same? How did you cope, without going insane?