Get tiles done featured

Getting tiles done


The end of the marathon is near! After half a year of living without actual floor (thanks to roof guy and some unforeseen circumstances) we were finally ready to have our new floor in place. And what a floor that will be.

First we had to go pick up our tiles. Luckily I could lend a trailer from a friend. Luckily it wasn’t very far, as it was a bit too much (and certainly too heavy) to pick up in one run. Luckily I could park in front of our door (well, kinda, as there were still a crane, some sandwich panels and scaffolding in the way). I was broken anyway, after hauling all those tiles indoor myself.

Tiles downstairs delivery 1

Tiles downstairs delivery 2

Once inside I put them in a logical order: on the right the ones we were going to lay last, on the left those in the middle…

Tiles downstairs pile 2

… and next to the door the ones we were going to use first.

Tiles downstairs pile 1

Yes, that’s right, three rooms, three different kinds of tiles. After all, it would be way too easy (and monotonous) to use the same one everywhere, wouldn’t it?

Or costly. Or average looking. We all have our reasons.

Fast forward a few days. The tiles are in place. If you look closely you’ll also spot the inset doormats at each of the house’s entrances. It’s an idea we “stole” from Chrisje’s parents, which I found very convenient.

The kitchen, …

Tiles downstairs kitchen done

… the storage, …

Tiles downstairs storage done

… and the entry.

Tiles downstairs entry done

We have a finished floor again, and we couldn’t be happier with it!