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Makita BO3711: the review

Makita BO3711 review featured

I’ve got yet another confession to make. Up to now, I’ve never written a review. Ever. This will be another first, and I’m glad to be able to share it with you. But how...


Sheet sander shakedown!

sheet sander shakedown featured

At the moment we’re working in the living room annex dining room (it’s basically one big J-shaped room next to the kitchen). We’re at the stage where we need to do a lot of...


Even more goodies!

Even more goodies featured

Who doesn’t love goodies? I know I do. I remember a time when I was visiting Amsterdam with a friend, where we had found this city guide full of vouchers (the I Amsterdam City...


New toy: Asus Transformer

Very recently, we received our latest addition to my never-ending collection of toys-for-boys: the Asus Transformer T100-TA. You guessed it right. This will be one of those boys-and-their-toys posts.