Batibouw 2015

Last week Batibouw took place again. And we went.

Of course.

Because we like going to exhibitions. Yes we do.

Unfortunately my cell phone had a dead battery, so I didn’t get to take pictures. Not that that’s a big problem as you’ll soon read. But first, hit it!


There was one thing in particular we were looking for: custom cupboards. Because we want one in our dining room, next to the future stove. We only found one firm though, which we already knew and were planning to visit anyway, so that was a bit of a let-down.

We also stopped in the tools section (to feed my gear acquisition syndrome, also known as GAS, some new ideas), and I managed to pick up a Makita mini-flashlight:

batibouw 2015

Thanks Makita!

Furthermore we took a look at the different possibilities for flooring in the bedrooms. We’re already set on either laminate or veneer flooring, and our visit learned us that some manufacturers of veneer flooring have a new addition to their portfolio: herringbone pattern. It looks amazing, so that’s something we’ll keep in mind when deciding what to get.

Our last stop was in the home automation part, but there as well I found nothing I didn’t know already.

All in all we didn’t take that long to get through it all, and this is most likely due to the fact that we are past the parts that get the most exposure, or we know what we want to do with them. I’m still glad we went though, because we learned new options in flooring, and because we got to see some really cool stuff like a billiard table that can double as your dining table. But in order to do so, it has legs that adapt between the two heights just by lifting the table. How cool is that!

Any of you that went, and what for? I have a feeling we’ll be visiting again next year, to check the cool stuff!