As much as I hate this, I really feel like I cannot not have it. So here it goes…

We (Koen & Chrisje) are not professional builders, nor did we have the training or schooling to claim otherwise. Everything shown here is how we did certain things, based upon research on the internet, asking building professionals in the real world, or just plainly experimenting. As such we cannot guarantee that if you do exactly the same as us, from the same starting point, the end result will be the same. Also we cannot guarantee that anything we do is the actual way it should be done, or is in any kind of best practices. Again, we are not professionals. We’re just two happy DIY’ers that aren’t scared of doing some experimenting.

If you’d like to recreate some content from this blog, we ask that you ask permission first. Most of the times it won’t be a problem, but better safe than sorry (i.e. have our content floating around the internet without our consent).