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Remember roof guy?

Remember roof guy

Do you? You know, that guy that didn’t show up for two months after setting up shop? Only to take four weeks before our attic no longer was any subject to weather? While he claimed...


Roof guy: week 3 & 4

Roof guy week 3-4 featured

Week three brings us the very first week roof guy actually showed up on Monday morning. We could now hope that maybe, just maybe, they could finish the sandwich panels by the end of...


Roof guy: the work continues… Again.

Roof guy work again featured

Against all expectations, roof guy did show up the next week. On Wednesday. With two new workers, instead of the two of last week. Those were Polish, but at least spoke English, so we could...


Roof guy: the work continues

Roof guy work n delivery 1 featured

Five weeks. Imagine yourself waiting five weeks. Five weeks of waiting for someone to just show up and start working (again). Without a sign of life. With your calls going to voicemail. If you’re lucky,...


Roof guy: first delivery

Roof guy delivery 1 featured

With the chimneys gone, we had high hopes everything would now take off and go smooth and fast as never before. Enter delivery number one. 


Roof guy: his work (part one)

Roof guy work 1 featured

Because preparations aren’t really work. Because it’s only work when there are permanent changes. Because the scaffolding and the crane are only tools to get the job done. That’s why this post is the...


Roof guy: his preparations

Roof guy preparations

This will be the first post in a series about roof guy. Some will be short (like this one), others will be long (like the ending post). Please make sure you read all of...