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Drywall to the frame!

living drywall ceiling featured

What good is a frame without any drywall attached to it? None, I tell you! So I present you: drywall against the frame!


Ceiling removal in the living room

living ceiling gone featured

The fireplace wasn’t the only thing we wanted gone in our future living room. No, no, no. There was also the old ceiling, exactly the same as we used to have in our kitchen. And what went out there...


Fun with paint… in the kitchen!

fun with paint in the kitchen featured

You know what they say, once everything is sanded down you’re ready for the finishing touches. And since we did such a great job on making sure the walls and ceiling were as smooth as a...


After the frame, the drywall

Let’s face it. You wouldn’t like the sight of insulation as a ceiling. Especially not if there’s a metal stud frame underneath. So we did what any logical person would do. We put up...


Putting up a drywall ceiling frame

Ceiling frame featured

We insulated the flat roof. Then we finished that with the installation of a vapour barrier. Now we’re up to the next challenge: how to get to a nice, finished ceiling from that. Despite...


Finish the insulation: the vapour barrier

Vapour barrier featured

We’re going full speed in the kitchen now. First stop: a finished ceiling. For that, we first need to finish the insulation part with a vapour barrier. Why you need it Simple: prevent condensation....