Site technicallities and the likes

RickrollEvery once in a while I’ll have a post that’s not really related, but yet in a way it is: a roundup about target goals I set for myself for this site, comparison with previous roundup, and so on. I’d like to call this “site technicallities”, although that doesn’t completely cover it. You could ask why I’m doing this (or planning to do so), what’s the benefit for you as a reader. I’ll try to explain that in this post.


Life as we know it is always in some way about setting goals and then working towards them. If we don’t have some kind of goal, then why are we doing what we’re doing? “But”, some might argue, “how about free time, hobbies, vacation? You can’t really argue those are working towards a goal”? I say they do, however, not in a traditional way as like having a deadline for a certain project to be finished before it’s due. If we take the example of vacation, I’d rather see as a goal to be able to relax, to be able to come back home and feel rejuvenated, ready to take on the world! The goal of a hobby might be being able to clear your head, remove al worries and sorrows you might have, so that you can take a fresh start the next day.

“I get that”, you might say, “but what’s the point of writing it down here for us the read, as we’re only interested in what you’re doing offline, with your house and so?”. Well, for starters, it makes me think about setting goals for this site. This should in turn prevent me from going in head first. Also, as with everything on here we want to be as open as possible. You have a right to know. Thirdly, public goal setting is something that should help one attain them, as now you’re accountable to anyone who has read your goals. You can google it if you like, there’s dozens of examples out there that it works.


What I would also like to include is some kind of feedback section, where we can tackle some of the questions anyone might have about these goals, or why we are taking things in a certain direction. I haven’t figured it out completely, so I’m open for your suggestions! First goal I’m setting right now is to have at least one roundup post per month, and for this month to have two posts per week, one on Wednesday and one on Sunday. We’ll also take suggestions for punishments if the goals aren’t met 😉