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Roof guy: the work continues

Five weeks.

Imagine yourself waiting five weeks.

Five weeks of waiting for someone to just show up and start working (again). Without a sign of life.

With your calls going to voicemail. If you’re lucky, you can leave a message, but more often than not the mailbox is full already. So you know any message you leave is futile.

Mails you send are being read, but not answered. That’s what happened to us.

Until that dreary Sunday evening, where we got a small mail message at 8:45PM saying they would continue the next day. They’d be present before 8AM.

And present they were. Around noon-ish.

That very first day the back gutter was the subject of their work. Half a day and the gutter was gone.

Gutter gone

The next day, a little before noon, we finally got our sandwich panels to get on our roof.

Delivery sandwich panels

That same day they took down part of the backside of the roof. By evening, that also meant they had to cover the part where they took down the roof tiles.

Sail over roof

Day three brought us the lower half of the back side completely gone…

Roof back half gone

… and the beginning of putting panels up.

First panel up

And by the end of day four the first row of panels was up, together with some more covers to clear the gap.

Rain is coming

And that’s it for the first actual working week.

Funny little story: they left on Thursday, with the message they wouldn’t come back on Friday, as there had been a forecast for some rain. When I inquired about working on Saturday, roof guy laughed and put forth that he never worked on Saturday. On Friday we didn’t see a drop of rain (or what did you expect). Around 2PM winds started to pick up. They tore down the covers, so I called roof guy. He would be there within an hour, an hour and half maximum. By 4:30PM it started pouring down, but still no roof guy to be seen. He also didn’t even bother to pick up his phone (again)…  He did show up, a little after 6PM, when it had stopped raining… By that time our neighbour and I already managed to get the covers back in place. He did fasten them better, to make sure we’d make it through the weekend without more rain entering our house.

Onwards to week two!