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Meanwhile in the street

While we were working our asses off in the bathroom, our street was undergoing some changes as well. When we bought our house the street was a bumpy old road in setts (not to be confused with cobblestones), patched up every here and there with some asphalt. You’d think that you were off-roading! The city decided to take it on before it got out of hand, so now a post about things we didn’t do ourselves but that did have an impact.We were lucky enough that we could still move all our stuff into our house before they tore open the street. We even had some time left to arrange for our front lawn to be removed and made into a driveway, so the planning guys could take that into account. Lucky for us, as this would have taken a lot more trouble to get this done a few months later. Then them workers unleashed their rage onto our street, which didn’t combine very well with rain:

Street swimming pool

First thing they tackled were the sidewalks. Again we were lucky: the same day as the sidewalk before our house was layed down, we had our water connected (so the water company didn’t have to open up a freshly laid out sidewalk). End result:

Street sidewalk

Once that was done, the street itself was taken on. This happened in different phases, not all of which we know what exactly happened, so I’ll just stick to showing the photo’s:

Street progress 1

Street progress 2

Street progress 3

Street progress 4

Street progress 5

Street progress 6

Street progress 7

End result is a nice looking street, again in setts, but not bumpy this time:

Street done

It wasn’t the easiest of periods, as you can imagine if you always have to park two blocks away. Imagine doing grocery or DIY shopping, struggling through the mud if it rained to get to your house with all your newly bought things. However, it certainly is a huge improvement over the old street, and it most definitely did something for the overall feeling in the street! It’s just one of those things you have to undergo and get through. Have you ever had your street torn open, and how did you cope with it? Tell us below!