Cleaning up the house

A little over three months after getting the news that the house would be ours, we finally got the keys. This period is necessary for the notary to arrange all the official paper work and such, but that doesn’t mean it’s always feeling like an eternity 🙂

And then there’s the big moment, when you first enter your new place-to-call-home. Luckily we came prepared: with the help of our families we cleaned the house completely. And boy, was it necessary! Those of you that already took the tour of our house might have noticed on those photos: stuff lying around everywhere!

Rubbish everywhere before cleaning up

During the first half of the day only we already loaded up two cars with garbage and drove it to the civic amenity site (thank you Wikipedia). Luckily for us not everything was garbage, for instance the books you can see on the left upper part of the picture above weren’t trashed, but stored for now. We also found some tools, for instance a set of wrenches that were still wrapped in the original package!

After that first Saturday we already had a house that was a lot more empty than before, and as such we could really see now how roomy it actually was. Lucky for us, because after this we started bringing our own stuff over, and soon the rooms started to fill up once again. Our adventure had really begun!