Category: Buildup

Paper! To… The… Wall!

When taking down the old wallpaper (combined with all the cursing as it was stuck to the walls with what seemed like some magical super glue equivalent), we noticed the old plaster was still...


Walls, one more time

Shortly before the floor renovating guys came, we took off the two radiators underneath the windows street-side. That way we could finally and boldly go where no man had gone before (at least not...


Our fireplace

After all the research from last week’s roundup, we knew what we wanted in our fireplace. We found a contractor worthy of our trust, went over all the details of what we did or...


Travertine floor revival

living room floor featured

We have an old (well, somewhere between 40 to 50 year I guess, but your guess is as good as mine) travertine floor in our living room. It was one of those things of...


Drywall to the frame!

living drywall ceiling featured

What good is a frame without any drywall attached to it? None, I tell you! So I present you: drywall against the frame!


Electricity in the living room!

living room electricity featured

Aah, the first step to a useful living room: create more dust and mayhem! Why? Because it’s fun! And because all those nifty comfortable things we’ve gotten used to so badly don’t work for themselves:...


Fun with paint… in the kitchen!

fun with paint in the kitchen featured

You know what they say, once everything is sanded down you’re ready for the finishing touches. And since we did such a great job on making sure the walls and ceiling were as smooth as a...