Batibouw 2014

Featured BatibouwIt’s Sunday evening again already, and it has been a hectic weekend. Usually I write chronologically, but for this one I’m going to ignore that fact completely. The reason? Batibouw. I know, not all of you will know it, or even know how to pronounce it (I’m not even going to try to explain, because that would be very silly), but bear with me for a moment, and I’ll explain the what, why, and even the how!Let’s start with the…


Batibouw is a tradeshow. You probably already guessed it’s a fair about building homes, new or renovation, and everything related (otherwise it wouldn’t be worth mentioning, now would it?). It claims to be one of the largest of its kind in the Benelux, on 120.000 m² hosting 350.000 visitors in 10 days. At least that’s big over here, maybe not over where you live. Enough of the what, over to the…


Well, that’s easy to answer: because we’re renovating, and we need ideas and information about all kinds of things for our house! To be a little more specific, what did we go check out:

  • Everything outdoor like furniture, spa and swimming pools, infrared cabins and saunas. Not that we need any of those right now, but one can dream, no?

Batibouw pool

  • Wallpaper. Not that we found much of it though…

Batibouw wallpaper

  • Closets, because we’re thinking about a made-to-fit one for our future living and dining room (with some tweaks to house my dj gear perhaps?)

Batibouw closet

  • Crowning, in foam or wood, we’re going to need around a thousand meter or more to finish our house. And maybe add a pillar or two in the process

Batibouw crown

  • Radiators, to find one to fit our new kitchen. We’re looking for one that’s called a vertical design (in our case: about 80cm wide and at least 2m high), preferably with a small towel hook or two on it for our drying towels (at least that’s what Chrisje wants, and especially in the kitchen her word is everything). We’re quite fond of the Carré Plus by Vasco, but I might have to do some more research on it. People that know me, now is the time to roll with your eyes.

Batibouw Vasco Carre plus

  • Work gear, I got a new pair of trousers by Herock with an added bonus of a belt and knee protection. I have one pair of working trousers, and boy did I miss them when they needed to be washed. Once you’re used to having pockets all over your trousers, you never go back!
  • And last but not least: power tools! I left some drool over at the stands of Makita and Hilti, time to start saving…

After nearly a day of criss-crossing around, we both were spent for the day, but I believe we have had our share of it for this year.


This one is easy: by car, as you probably don’t manage to get there by any other means if you want to be able to take your time at the fair and still make it back home the same day as you left for it. Don’t you love public transportation?

Anybody up for a trade fair? What’s the latest one you visited, why did you go and where was it? Share the wisdom in the comments below!